In the history of our Country and Church the region of Sárospatak always played an important role as a princess domain, as the birthplace of Saint Elisabeth, and the settlement of Black Friars, Franciscans, Paulites and Premonstratensians. As the centre of the Rákóczi family domain, Patak also gave place to Jesuits and Trinitarians. László Szalkay, the later archbishop of Esztergom also studied in its plebanic school. The fame of Sárospatak is undiminished as a schooltown since then. The main goal of the Roman Catholic Ecclesiastic Collection is to unfold, cultivate, protect and display this valuable heritage.

The Roman Catholic Ecclesiastic Collection formed from the library, archives and collection of the Roman Catholic Parish in 1967. At the beggining it funcioned as the branch library of the Eger Diocese Library and after that it functions as an independent collection. The Saint Elisabeth House works in the former elementary school building of the local church since 2008. The collection’s most important pieces are the artworks of the resident church. As the result of a 30-year-old collecting work the house developed with the unused liturgic accessories of the Zemplén-Abaúj parishes, old books and documents, ecclesiastical bequests, presents of followers and patrons and even with purchases.

The library of the collection even appears in the register of the public libraries. The main fields of our library are religion and religious studies, literature of the region Zemplén, and literature in connection with Saint Elisabeth and the family Rákóczy. The main basis of our library comes from the Jesuits, the families Trautsohn, Bretzenheim, Windischgrätz of Sárospatak, and the legacy of the parish priests. After the 1950 dissolution of the religious orders the library grew with another considerable amont of books and documents among which there were incunabulas and inheritances of priests. Separated parts and rare books in our collection are one section of the Windischgrätz family library, a coloured wooden sectioned Czech Bible from 1506, the Bible of Vizsoly, and eleven incunabulas.
Our library also functions as a theological academic library for the priests of the Eger Archdiocese. It also serves for the pastors and priests of the archdiocese in their specialized literature, scientific information and serves the congregation with spiritual literature, plays a cultural role in the everyday life and tourism of Sárospatak.


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